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A sad day for Silicon Valley North

It was a bittersweet event for Ottawa’s tech sector — and a sad day for Nortel fans, if there are any left — as the blue-and-white sign marking the entrance to the Nortel Networks Carling Campus was removed today. A highly-recognized landmark in the west end of Ottawa, the sign’s Nortel logo was painted over and covered up with a list of the campus’ new occupants.

This event symbolized the demise of Nortel, once Canada’s proudest and mightiest technology company. Nortel’s 370-acre Carling Campus was the company’s global R&D headquarters and, a decade ago, was populated by six thousand employees distributed among eleven interconnected buildings with a combined total of over 2 million square feet. Nortel claimed it was the largest industrial tech campus of its kind in Canada.

New occupants of the campus include Avaya, Ciena, and Ericsson, the acquirers of Nortel’s former divisions. We wish these companies great success in their future ventures at the campus.