Can your U.S. web site serve the Canadian market?

For our readers’ convenience, we’ve combined two previous blog posts into a downloadable PDF and made it available on our Resources/Downloads page.  The download is divided into two parts.

Part 1 shows how you can ensure that your U.S.-based e-commerce web site can accept, bill, fulfill, and support orders from Canada.

Part 2 discusses factors you need to consider before embarking on the development of a localised web site — or even two in English and French — specifically for the Canadian market.

We also offer a service for U.S. firms to determine their Canadian market potential. Many U.S. firms think that entering or succeeding in the Canadian market will be easy, but may not be aware of important market differences. Find out more at our Services/Canadian Market Assessments page.


One Response to “Can your U.S. web site serve the Canadian market?”
  1. Greg says:

    Please note there is just one file to download — both parts are contained in a single file. Sorry for any confusion!

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