We’ve analysed dozens of markets, written business and marketing plans, and provided advice to clients ranging in size from small businesses to global enterprises — and in industries ranging from food products, manufacturing, business services, computer networking, software, and telecommunications to test equipment.

Here is a sample of some of our past clients — just click on a logo to go the company’s website.

AM&M logo Advanced Machine and Materials Inc. is an Ottawa-based company with proprietary atomizing technology for the manufacture of micron-sized metallic powders used in a variety of electronic and industrial applications. AM&M is a leading global supplier of solder and CIGS powders, alloys used to manufacture miniaturized consumer electronics and flexible solar panels.

Anritsu logo Anritsu Electronics is the Canadian subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative solutions for communication systems. The company’s test and measurement products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

BDC logo BDC, the Business Development Bank of Canada, provides small and medium-sized businesses with flexible financing, affordable consulting services and venture capital to support entrepreneurs at every stage of growth. The BDC is wholly owned by the Government of Canada and actively supports the development of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.

Brytech logo Brytech Inc. designs products dedicated to improving quality of life, including electronic products for the blind and visually impaired. The company has successfully developed and commercialized several talking bank note identifiers, an ultrasonic mobility device, and a talking colour identifier. Brytech is now working on the convergence of health care and information technology.

Competition Bureau logo The Competition Bureau protects and promotes competitive markets, and enables informed consumer choice since its operating principle is that competition is good for both business and consumers. The Bureau is responsible for enforcement of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, the Textile Labelling Act and the Precious Metals Marking Act.

D-TA Systems logo A successful manufacturer and exporter of high-frequency broadband scanning and recording equipment for the aerospace and defense market, D-TA Systems Inc. is based in Ottawa with offices in the United States and France. The company’s re-configurable system-level COTS products drastically reduce the development time, cost and risk for new system deployment.

EDC logo Export Development Canada (EDC) provides financing, insurance and bonding solutions to Canadian companies that export goods and services, or invest in other countries. The EDC operates in 200 markets worldwide to help Canadian enterprises — mainly small and medium-sized — manage risk and capitalize on trade opportunities around the globe.

Ellisys logo Ellisys is a test and measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for USB, Wireless USB, WiMedia Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth technology. By providing developers of emerging technology with innovative test tools at an early stage, Ellisys enables markets to grow in a confident manner, helping ensure the acceptance of new technologies. Ellisys is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

EXRSIM logo EXRSIM provides military-grade Emergency Planning, Execution and Analysis services and tools for civilian organizations to facilitate a proactive approach to emergency preparedness. Co-founded by a veteran with operational experience and expertise in the Incident Command System, a standardized approach to emergency responses. Initially used for wildfires in California, ICS has evolved for situations ranging from train derailments to active shootings.

Fitness For Freedom logo Your schedule, your home or office, your fitness — have a personal trainer from Fitness For Freedom come to you so you can exercise in the comfort, cleanliness and privacy of your own home or office. They’ll perform an assessment to determine your needs, help set attainable goals, create a personalized exercise program, then coach you so you’ll stay on track. And coming soon — free on-line training!

Fluke logo Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the installation, certification, testing, monitoring and analysis of copper, fiber and wireless networks used by enterprises and telecommunications carriers. The company’s comprehensive line of products combine ease of use and accuracy to quickly optimize network performance. Fluke Networks distributes its products in more than 50 countries.

4point logo Four Point Solutions is the largest solution provider of support, services, and training for Adobe’s LiveCycle Enterprise Suite platform. 4Point’s real-world experience in every aspect of developing and deploying document-centric business process management solutions has made the company the solution provider of choice for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. 4Point is headquartered in Ottawa, and has locations across North America.

Hummingbird Chocolate logo Hummingbird Chocolate is an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker that crafts ultrapremium dark chocolate directly from cacao beans in their workshop. The company’s chocolatiers use traditional artisan methods, touching every bean, and take their time to do it right. Based in Almonte, Hummingbird Chocolate sells its chocolate online, at its workshop, and at Farm Boy and other leading retailers of fine foods throughout eastern Ontario.

LedgerPal logo Based in Kemptville, LedgerPal Inc. is the developer of the web-based LedgerPal™ accounting suite. The Software as a Service (SaaS) suite offers full-featured on-line tools for invoicing, bookkeeping and accounting that can be accessed from laptops, tablets and smart phones anywhere. Data is automatically backed up in the cloud, and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Los Cantores logo When it comes to making tortilla chips, the ancient Aztecs knew best. They perfected a maize-processing technique that resulted in better taste, texture, and nutrition. This technique was almost lost, but thanks to Los Cantores’ dedication to authentic Mexican flavour and an old family recipe, you’ll find their gluten-free tortilla chips are the best! Sold in leading grocery and natural food stores throughout eastern Canada, now including Metro.

MultiLaser logo Founded in 1988, Multi-Laser Inc. was an industry leading compatible imaging supplies manufacturer. The company’s PrintFleet™ Optimizer provided medium and large enterprises with 24/7 asset management, cost per copy data, a healthier fleet of printers, better end-user satisfaction, and significant cost savings through the use of compatible imaging supplies. Multi-Laser was subsequently acquired by a large competitor and PrintFleet was spun out as a separate company based in Kingston, Ontario.

NBI logo Founded in 1977, NBI/Michael Sone Associates is widely recognized as a premiere market research and consulting firm whose mission is to provide statistically-based, primary-sourced information on the Canadian telecommunications industry. The company’s full-service research provides vital tools for strategic and market planning in today’s dynamic telecommunications environment.

Peak Centre logo The Peak Centre for Human Improvement uses applied sports science to assist people in achieving their potential. Their unique facility combines a laboratory, research facility, accredited private school and gym to offer individualized medical-grade prescriptive assessments and training programs for people who are motivated to actively pursue health, fitness and sports performance goals.

Pulse Engineering logo An electronics services firm, Pulse Engineering Ltd. has been dedicated to assisting clients achieve their goals through technology, experience, speed and a competitive approach since 1975. The company’s calibration, repair and asset management services help clients maintain their quality accreditation and eliminate costs due to using test equipment that is inaccurate.

Purest Bakery logo PUREST offers delicious healthy choices by providing all-natural food products that are gluten-free, free of the top-12 allergens, and non-GMO. Made in Canada, the factory in Perth on Hwy 7 has a bakery open to the public that offers baked goods, meals, and PUREST products. The company’s dry goods are available across Canada in leading health food stores, including the Farm Boy chain.

QuickSilk logo QuickSilk is the developer of the powerful QuickSilk secure all-in-one SaaS content management platform that enables organizations to achieve up to 75% productivity gains when building and managing websites. All done in a web browser, with no coding required! Clients include online businesses, enterprises, governments, and institutions — anyone who needs to update and manage online content quickly, integrate social media, and ensure their information is secure.

Rotman School of Management For over twenty years the IRAP Program at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto has provided management advice to NRC-IRAP clients so that they will have sound business planning in addition to technical and financial assistance. Market Metrics is proud to have conducted over a dozen management consulting engagements on behalf of the program.

Shaw logo Shaw Communications Inc. is a diversified communications company that provides broadband cable television, high-speed internet, digital telephone, telecommunications services (through Shaw Business Solutions) and satellite direct-to-home services (through Star Choice). The company serves 3.3 million customers through an extensive network with 600,000 kilometres of optical fibre.

ShopMob logo Shop Mob is an Ottawa-area start-up that plans on offering a variety of services via a proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with web-based access.

Stonemaker logo Stonemaker is a start-up based in Perth that has developed a mobile concrete factory to cast and stamp blocks, bricks and stones of various shapes and sizes using concrete or other locally-available inputs. Stonemaker’s products are sold in North America and internationally.

Superna logo Superna solutions are used to plan, secure and qualify the interoperability of optical and storage area networks. The SupernaNET product family provides network planning and discovery analytics. The Network Security Portal is used to offer Encryption as a Service. The Storage Area Network Qualification service helps qualify the interoperability of WAN network solutions.

Yankee Group logo Yankee Group in Canada was the Canadian divison of Yankee Group, an international research and advisory firm. The parent company now focuses on the attitudes, behaviors and usage patterns of mobile users. Based on this research, Yankee Group provides a range of actionable data, insights and advice to marketing, strategy and product executives in leading companies.

Wonton Crunch logo Wonton Crunch is a family business in Smiths Falls that has been making wontons by hand for over a decade, and in 2008, decided it was time to share the family’s favorite snack with the world. Its wontons have a crispy crunchy outside and a soft savory filling on the inside. The company offers five flavours available at grocery stores, restaurants, sports bars, and hockey arenas throughout Ontario.
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