Faxes can be sent to our main number. Please set your fax machine to dial +1-613-728-5949.

Need a fax cover sheet? Click the icon below to download our pre-addressed fax cover sheet.

icon of fax coversheet in PDF PDF version
icon of fax coversheet in Word Microsoft Word version

Having trouble sending a fax?

This happens occasionally because either our phone lines are busy and you get a busy signal, or our fax machine itself is busy. Either way, your fax machine will most likely be set to automatically try again in a few minutes.

But… if you dial your fax manually like a phone and then wait to hear an answering tone before starting transmission, your fax probably won’t go through. This is a common issue since most businesses no longer have dedicated fax lines. Like us, they have phone systems that recognize faxes by listening for an originating fax tone when they answer a call. If a fax tone is not detected immediately, your fax transmission will be treated like a phone call instead of being routed to our fax machine.

We recommend that you let your fax machine dial for you.

If you experience difficulty sending a fax, please try again and either set your fax machine to dial automatically, or, start transmitting your fax (usually done by pressing a button marked START or SEND) as soon as you finish manually dialing our main number. Faxes are received trouble-free when sent from a device that autodials and then generates an originating fax tone before the call is answered — meaning any fax machine and almost all PC faxes. Our phone system detects the fax tone and transfers your call to our fax machine, which then rings, answers, and receives your fax. This process can take up to 60 seconds, so please be patient.

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