Business Concept Walkthrough

Want to get feedback on your business concept? If you are contemplating a start-up or new product, we offer a Business Concept Walkthrough service to help think through your business model.

Out clients often find that the process of explaining their business model to someone really makes them think it through in depth. We’re a neutral third-party who can identify gaps, point out areas for improvement, offer useful suggestions, and suggest approaches to challenges. Unlike family, friends, or investors, we don’t have any emotional attachments or vested interests that cloud our judgement.

For a $899 fee, we include prep time to conduct a little preliminary research on your business, and then hold an initial meeting with you, typically about two hours in length. During this meeting we’ll discuss things like your target customer, pricing, competition, market reach, and production facilities.

We request that you bring along any existing business or marketing plans, financial projections, promotional materials, samples, and/or prototypes to help you provide a clear description of your business.

After the first meeting we’ll do some analysis, and then hold a follow-up meeting with you to discuss your major issues and our preliminary recommendations. At that point you will have a business model framework, and either a completed business model that can be fleshed out into a business plan, or understand what you need to do.

If you decide you wish to continue on, and use Market Metrics to develop a business plan, your fee will be credited back towards your account.

Interestingly, in October 2014, the BDC released a study called “The Five Do’s and Five Don’ts of Successful Businesses” based on a survey of 1,139 small Canadian businesses. One of the five does was to have an Advisory Board so you can obtain independent advice. Our Business Concept Walkthrough is like having access to an Advisory Board without the cost and hassle of recruiting a group of expert advisors.

Contact us today to set up your Business Concept Walkthrough!

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    Market Metrics Inc. helps knowledge-based businesses with strategy, planning and innovation and was founded in 2003 by Greg Graham, a seasoned marketing professional. Greg is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASMEC), a member of the American Marketing Association, and holds MBA/BEE degrees as well as a Certificate in Strategic Management. He frequently performs consulting engagements on behalf of the Government of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). Prior to Market Metrics, Greg's 21 years of corporate experience encompassed tech start-ups through Fortune 500 companies.

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